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Welcome, This Wade Figurine site's main purpose is for viewing picture and  Collector's Links so please enjoy. Wade
Collecting sure has been enjoyable - actually addicting too. I have been collecting maybe 3 years now and I am always looking
for those special older pieces,  the Whimsies 50's and the solid little creatures, the ones with color differences.  Please look at
my favorite display shelf with some oddities-upper left. Very rarely lately I do sell on ebay (wadenut) and Yahoo (mcgill5)
auctions any more.

 Tom Smith Cats and Dogs 

 Tom Smith Sealife & Hedgerow

 Tom Smith Cracker Nursery 

USA Red Rose Tea

Circus Red Rose Tea 

 My Changing Price List 

Collector's Link

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  Red Rose Tea has a set of 10 Endangered Species out now which is is good starter set for the new
 beginner collector. I hear the Wade factory will be coming out with a new colorful Nursery set. I will 
 try to have the picture available soon as I am waiting for a set for me.
 I do have some duplicates and a small Wade supply for sale mostly the small 
 solid minatures from Red Rose Tea and The Tom Smith Crackers Smith Crackers.
     My ICQ No. is 8402369  (please put in your history or message Wade)

  A Wade chat once a month Sunday afternoon can be found at  here: The Wade Message Board 

  Please register to the Yahoo Groups to join the email-chat group type in WadeWhimsies in the Join a
  Group search box. It is very informative and all are welcome. 

   Ed and Bev Rucker will be hosting the Kansas City Fair on May 25-27 2001. I will be attending as a
   vendor. Bill and I hope to see you there and we just can't seem to wait. 

   Please check my pages and the Collectors Links and see what is out there in this Wade cyber world. 
                                                                                     Happy Collecting!

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