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Wade USA Series 2 .. 20 Animal Figurines 1985 - 1990

Wade Red Rose Tea Series 2 Figurines from the USA 20 Animal Set and has been long discontinued after running in a promotion for many years.They are about 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 inches high and are solid. Most Wade collectors start with this set and is a good starter set for new comers. .......(pictured below).......1 premium was inside a box of Red Rose Tea.

Are    You    just    Starting??

20 premiums Koala, GiraffeN/A, Pine MartenN/A, Langur, Gorilla, Camel N/A, KangarooN/A, Tiger, ZebraN/A, Polar Bear, Orangutan, Raccoon, Rhino, Beaver, Leopard, Rabbit, Cuckatoo, Pony, Blue Kitten, Puppy... all nice condition

My Price List I do have full sets the N/A is

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