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My Journal of Books

By Darren and Mary Hagerty


Through reading people learn, teach, communicate, and fantasize.


Using My Journal Of Books will help you organize your reading history. The intention of my journal of books is to provide you, whether you are an occasional or daily reader, organized space to log your readings. Your entries will keep you familiar with characters worth mentioning, good and bad. Your entries will help you remember certain and distinct settings and situations. The journal has space to log memorable quotes and space for personal notes. It will help you revisit a thought, place, or moment.


There is an adventure with every turn of the page.



All books are available for $4.99 + $1.95 for shipping and handling.


Please send your check or money order to:

Darren and Mary Hagerty

300 South Oxford Drive

Englewood, Florida 34223

or call (941)475-7577 for information.

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